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Blood Meal, Whole

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Blood Meal, Whole

Product Description

Whole blood meal is produced by spray drying at low temperatures, the fresh whole blood from animal processing plants. The fresh blood is collected in on-site cooling tanks that utilize agitation to prevent coagulation of the fresh blood. Once delivered to the drying plants the whole blood is centrifuged to remove foreign material and then circulated through a disintegrator to rid all remaining foreign particles prior to spray drying.

Typical Analysis
Crude protein      80 %
Crude fat            1 %
Crude fiber         1 %
Ruminant digestible protein            63.1 %
Typical Amino Acid Profile
Methionine         1.0 %
Crystine 1.4 %
Lysine   6.9 %
Tryptophane       1.0 %
Isoleucine          0.8 %
Histidine 3.05 %
Valine    5.2 %
Leucine 10.3 %
Arginine 2.35 %
Glycine  4.4 %

Storage and Handling
Whole blood meal is available in bags or as bulk material. Whole blood meal is packaged in 50 pound poly-lined paper bags.

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