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Beef Omasum

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Beef stomach, omasum, beef tongue, beef livers, beef hearts

Product Description

omasum processing; Preparation begins immediately after slaughtering, when the omasum is fresh. First step is to clean all the dirt. After that the omasum is cleaned mechanically with cold water, which is changed twice. After cold water cleaning, the water is changed 3rd time and the omasum is being cleaned in warm water (60C degrees) for 15 minutes. When the omasum are completely clean, the water is changed again and the omasum are being salted and stored under -18 degrees. There is no chemical bleaching in the process. They are hygienically processed at our in-factory unit, to maintain their freshness and tenderness. They are stored in our cold storage unit to retain the natural flavor and nutritional value. Omasum are available in all cuts and the whole range is appreciated for its quality, nutrition and good shelf-life.

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